Mural Updates: Tommy Taylor

Tommy Taylor has begun work on his Four Coats mural located on Elizabeth St. in Inman Park. Susan Bridges from Whitespace sent over some images of his progress!



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5 responses to “Mural Updates: Tommy Taylor

  1. your paintings look a lot like a series of paintings I just started using continuous line and intuitive mark making. this is bothersome and exciting all at the same time…
    great looking piece anyhow!
    Sun Hong

  2. Some Lady

    As I drove past there one day I saw this guy eating a sandwich and inspecting his art. He was wearing paint-stained white overalls… it was seriously one of the most charming things I’ve seen in a long time,

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for creating this horrendous eyesoar in the center of Inman Park.

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